welcome, summer

Park Yoga is back! We are so happy to be enjoying Summer in Berlin again... Every Saturday morning at 11am, Ronny and Anya teach uplifting outdoor Yoga under the trees and open sky on the beautiful fields of the old Tempelhof airport. Jump on your bike and join us. 

WHAT IS YOGA and why do we practice?

The word Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit root yuj, which means ‘to unite’.  Yoga is the union of body, mind, and spirit in which the waves of mind activity -‘vrittis’- are brought to a state of calm.

Vitally, there is an intimate relationship between your breath and your mind.  Even without changing the breath, simply cultivating an awareness of it at regular intervals brings about an anchored, centered inner state. In Yoga we breathe not only deeply and fully- into the abdomen as well as voluminously into the back body- but also in a steady and consistent way. There’s no need to force it. A rhythmic, steady breath naturally brings about a relaxed mental and emotional state.

Alongside the physical practice, Yoga philosophy provides a whole guide to positive living. Much of the Yoga practice is based on a text called The Yoga Sutras by Patanjali, written in around 100 A.D.. In this text, Patanjali lays out the ‘eight limbs of yoga’- a system of 8 factors which together allow us to move from a state of distraction and ego-association towards our essential nature before socialisation and the formation of ‘bad habits’; that is, simple contentment, peace and wholeness.

These 8 limbs of Yoga are: Yama (social ethics, e.g. nonviolence, honesty), Niyama (personal ethics, e.g. contentment, self-study), Asana (steady physical posture), Pranayama (breathwork to expand life energy, in Yoga called Prana), Pratyahara (withdrawal from external stimulation), Dharana (concentration), Dhyana (meditation) and lastly, Samadhi (union with the divine). As your practice develops, it’s beneficial to gradually integrate other ‘limbs’ like meditation and ethics, as Yoga is a lot more than the physical postures, or ‘Asanas’, alone.

Yoga can improve posture, increase your flexibility, strengthen muscles and detoxify your whole being, enhancing circulation and energy levels. But at its core, yoga is much more than a system of physical fitness. Take the pressure off yourself to do a workout or to achieve ‘perfect‘ poses, and focus instead on breathing freely, making space and time for yourself and enjoying your own body and sense of aliveness...

Be aware of how you feel during and after your class.  Feel free to come to us at Yoga in English with any questions or if you‘d like to share your experiences.  

Enjoy your practice!

Namasté...     Anya

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We welcome absolutely everyone to join us, whatever your age, experience, body type, gender,  and energy levels today. You'll be met by a friendly community and experienced teachers, and a reception area with tea to chat after class, or simply relax and be in your own space.  Come as you are and take what you need.