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Yoga & Poetry Special

Creating meaningful experiences. Breath by breath. Word by word. Asana by asana...

Sometimes two people come together with different passions realizing that there is an opportunity for creation. This was the case when we, Maaike (Yoga & Meditation) and Robert (Spoken poet, TEDx) met through work at Impact Hub Berlin. During one of our many conversations we came to the conclusion that the beauty of movement and stilness can be found in a yoga practice as well as in poetry. There are moments when words can move you, and movement can still you.. a beautiful contrast that we'd love to explore further, together.

As we join poetry and yoga together, we'd like to take you on an inner journey with the theme 'Love Wins'. Enjoy an experimental class where we will be exploring qualities of Balasana (child's pose) and Tadasana (mountain pose) in words, movement in silence, a deep dive into Savasana and a moment of contemplation in meditation.

Our regular prices apply for this special event. 

We welcome people of all backrgounds, ages, levels of experience, you name it. Simply show up a few minutes early in comfortable clothing and be open to enjoying a new experience on the mat.

With love,
Maaike and Robert