Quality Yoga and Meditation classes with experienced teachers
in a beautiful space in Kreuzberg

Slow Flow Yoga


Gentle, beginner-friendly Yoga.  The style is based on Vinyasa; movement connected in a meditative flow, with space and time to breathe easily. Steadily paced and explained clearly. All levels welcome.
Taught by Anya.


Slow Flow Yoga + Meditation


Gentle, flowing Yoga to relax and open the body before moving into a longer, guided meditation. Full body-mind rest. No previous experience is necessary. This is a great introduction into meditation, or a deepening of your practice if you already have experience.
Taught by Maaike.


Dynamic Flow Yoga


An energetic, active class, perfect for Yogis with some experience. Expect uplifting, dynamic Vinyasa-style sequences of movement connected with the flowing rhythm of your breath... Culminating in a long, deep relaxation and calming meditation. 
Taught by Liina.


Yin Yoga

Wednesdays 8:00pm


Yin Yoga brings balance to a busy lifestyle with long-held, passive floor poses held for several minutes. The calming soundtracks, candlelit space and gentle guidance are there to support your experience of presence and deep rest.
Taught by Liina.


Park Yoga  

Saturdays in Summer
(June to October)

Uplifting outdoor Yoga in English for all levels every Saturday morning in Summer at 11am.

Please bring a mat for this class. If you don't have one, contact us the day before and we can bring one for you. 

How to find us: Bike is best. Come into Tempelhof park via the Columbiadamm entrance - walk straight ahead on the path, crossing the smaller runway, until you reach a giant tree - that's us! Just call (before the class starts) if you can't find us. 

Taught by Ronny and Anya alternately. 


Drop-in any time: €10
€7.50/class when you sign up for 10 classes (€75) 
€8.33/class when you sign up for 3 (€25)

URBAN SPORTS CLUB members are welcome to join our classes

Our Teachers

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Anya founded Yoga in English back in 2009. She teaches the whole path of Yoga; going far beyond the physical layer and integrating Yoga's rich and valuable philosophy. In all her classes the flow of postures becomes a breath-centred, steadily-paced movement in meditation that guides students to a deep felt-sense of clarity and calm.



Liina brings almost two decades of experience of studying, practising and teaching Yoga and meditation. She is precise in her guidance and brings a mindful, receptive presence into both her active flowing vinyasa practices and her slower, passive Yin classes, gently encouraging presence and awakening to the fullness of our moment to moment experience in life.



Maaike originally trained under Anya's guidance as part of her Dynamic Mindfulness teacher training. Maintaining key elements of Anya's teaching style, she encourages students to make time and space to breathe, unwind the body and find greater clarity of mind with an awareness of the holistic, 'bigger picture' of Yoga.

Find us


Buddhistisches Tor
Grimmstrasse 11C
Kreuzberg 10967

You don't need to register for our regular classes - just drop in
Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to settle in
Mats and tea are provided for you

Everyone welcome!

Buddhistisches Tor