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Yin Yoga with LIVE Sitar Music

  • buddhistisches tor grimmstrasse 11c 10967 berlin (map)


It is a special, magical, potent time, a half-way point of the year, a time when light & dark, day & night are in perfect balance. And so will be our class - gentle movement combined with yin holds, connecting with the stillpoint in each movement and sensing the internal subtle changes in stillness. All of our journeying through postures will be supported and inspired by LIVE SITAR music by Sydney! 

If you already love Yin yoga - this will be a way to really sink into it, to melt, to merge, to dissolve ... in order to discover, to be inspired, to awaken, to be reminded of your own essence and beauty. 
If you are new to Yin yoga - maybe read a little about it before (links below) as in this session I willl give basic instructions but won't go into details. In saying that - still no previous experience in anything is needed. Just willingness to engage in a quiet, introspective practice of deep surrender. 

Our usual prices apply: 
DROP IN: 10€ 
or use your Yoga in English class cards: 
€7.50/class when you sign up for 10 classes (€75) 
€8.30/class when you sign up for 3 classes (€25) 

YIN YOGA is a slow, introspective, meditative practice working on deep layers of body and beyond. 

SITAR is perhaps the most well known of the Indian instruments played in Indian classical music and also Western fusion music offering highly meditative, soothing, contemplative vibrations. 

YIN energy represents that which is passive, reflective, hidden, cooling, mystical, feminine. YANG energy represents that which is active, in movement, changing, more on the surface, heating, masculine. The harmony lies in the balance of these two energies. In YinYang yoga we explore this balance in our own bodies. 

BUDDHISTISCHES TOR is such a stunning, peaceful, inspiring venue - just simply being in that space has an affect of dropping into a deepened more intimate way of being.

Everyone welcome!