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Yoga & Meditation Foundations: Week 1- The Body

Join us for a 3-week inquiry to explore some of the key aspects of mindfulness, meditation and physical Yoga in an accessible, relaxed way. Expect gentle, tension-reducing Yoga sequences to relax the body before moving organically into seated or lying meditation. These foundational teachings will help bring more awareness, clarity and balance into daily life.

We'll explore physical sensation as a means of anchoring into the present moment, wherever we are, whatever we're doing.

This Buddhistisches Tor is an ideal location; a beautiful, candle-lit, welcoming space complete with specialised meditation ’stools’ to sit on will to your meditation comfortable and enjoyable.

Drop in to any session for €10 each, or join the whole series for a reduced price of €25. Our discounted class passes can also be combined with our other classes. 

You don't need any prior experience. Mats are provided. Come as you are. And enjoy :)