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Yoga & Meditation Foundations: Week 2- The Breath

Join us for a 3-week inquiry to explore some of the key aspects of mindfulness, meditation and physical Yoga in an accessible, relaxed way. Expect gentle, tension-reducing Yoga sequences to relax the body before moving organically into seated or lying meditation. These foundational teachings will help bring more awareness, clarity and balance into daily life.

July 3 - The Body
July 10 - The Breath
July 17 - The Mind

How we breathe is intimately linked to how we feel. In this week's class, we'll explore unlocking a free breath to actively bring a sense of space, calm and connection. 

This Buddhistisches Tor is an ideal location; a beautiful, candle-lit, welcoming space complete with specialised meditation ’stools’ to sit on will to your meditation comfortable and enjoyable.

Drop in to any session for €10 each, or join the whole series for a reduced price of €25. Our discounted class passes can also be combined with our other classes. 

You don't need any prior experience. Mats are provided. Come as you are. And enjoy :)