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Introduction to Meditation

Are you interested in trying meditation?

Join us for a 2-hour workshop. We will explore what meditation it is, why it's beneficial and we'll guide you through some fundamental meditation techniques that you can practice at home.

Daily life presents us with any number of challenges: noise, work, traffic, expectations... it can be overwhelming. A basic meditation and mindfulness practice can help us relax into the present moment - without needing to escape anywhere else - for more mental calm and 'grounding' in everyday life.

We provide mats and cushions as well as specialised meditation stools to help you sit comfortably. The workshop will include some basic-level yoga with a focus on mindfulness in movement, so do bring comfortable clothes.

Absolutely no experience is necessary. Beginners are very welcome. The workshop will be guided in a relaxed, accessible way and there will be time for your questions.

€15 /// or your regular Yoga in English pass plus €5

Places are limited. Email to register: